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State of the SD-WAN connectivity Internet vs. global private networks: Cloud and SaaS application – performance comparisons


Enterprises are increasingly exploring and investing in SD-WAN
solutions for cloud connectivity and adding more capacity to their
networks in a cost-effective manner. SD-WAN mainly relies on two types
of connectivity, the public Internet and private networks.
Using the Internet as the underlying transport offers a low-cost, flexible,
and rapid deployment option. While the performance over the Internet is
often acceptable for users accessing Cloud/SaaS applications within the
same region, the user experience deteriorates significantly with an
increase in distance. Latency, packet loss and jitter are inherent to the
Internet and these issues are aggravated with distance.
SD-WAN architectures built on a private network provide better security
and reliable connectivity. WAN traffic traverses through a private network
and is not subjected to the inconsistencies of the Internet. However,
private networks such as MPLS, were not designed for cloud
Next-generation private networks, such as Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN
combine the security and reliability of a private network with the
flexibility, low cost, and quick deployment of the Internet to deliver a
superior connectivity solution.
This report presents a quantitative analysis between SD-WAN
deployments that are built on the Internet vs. a global private network
such as Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN. It compares and contrasts application
response times between various global locations and examines key
factors that impact the performance of cloud and SaaS applications. This
data provides IT leaders with key insights and considerations for
evaluating the best underlying transport deployment for their SD-WAN
solutions to ensure enterprise-grade connectivity with reliable and
consistent performance for all applications, including on-premises, SaaS,
and cloud services for voice, video, and data.

State of SD-WAN Connectivity – English Version

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