Aryaka Networks

THE CLOUD FIRST WAN. Delivered as a managed service.


Aryaka delivers the first fully managed, end-to-end global SD-WAN service for the cloud-first enterprise. The unique technology integrates multi-cloud connectivity, application optimization, security, last-mile management,

and visibility into an SLA-driven OPEX-only offering that is more agile than alternatives, delivers a better TCO, and where consuming Network-as-a Service introduces simplicity.

Aryaka SmartServices – How do this Services look like?

Flexible Deployment Options – Aryaka offers a rich set of managed services that are seamlessly integrated to deliver the highest possible user experience. These on-demand services are designed with “cloud-first” principles for easy consumption, operational simplicity and scale.

SmartConnect is an on-demand, fully managed and end-to-end SD-WAN connectivity service for enterprises, offering global, regional, and local as well as cloud connectivity. It is a one-stop service to instantly connect your branches, remote locations, data centers and cloud service providers, using Aryaka´s agile SD-WAN platform.

SmartOptimize is an on-demand, application-optimization and acceleration delivered-as-a-service and is a key component of SmartConnect. Aryaka’s patented architecture optimizes and compresses WAN traffic in multiple ways, delivering LAN-like performance via a private Layer 2 core with QoS and intelligent edge optimization, multi-segment transport optimization for TCP, Advanced Redundancy Removal for any uncompressed and unencrypted application, and application acceleration for SSL and CIFS/SMB. The combination of Aryaka’s multiple layers of WAN optimization offer unparalleled and industry-leading performance. Verify performance SLAs via the MyAryaka cloud portal.

SmartCloud is designed to complement SmartConnect with multi-cloud networking delivered as-a-service. It is a plug and play multi-cloud and SaaS connectivity service that enables customers to spin up connectivity to IaaS and SaaS on-demand and in just a few hours.

SmartSecure is designed to complement SmartConnect with managed SD-WAN security-as-a-service offerings. At the branch, an access firewall within the ANAP offers ‘north-south’ control, while an optional NFV-based Tier-1 firewall offers comprehensive L7 protection. Aryaka Zones extends this to the LAN with ‘east-west’ security, through site-segmentation with policy-based access. Together, the two capabilities segment WAN traffic, to Aryaka and to the internet, from LAN traffic, both internal and DMZ. A third capability extends security into the cloud though Aryaka’s security partners, including Palo Alto Networks. The ANAP also supports VRF-based micro-segmentation, enabling multi-tenancy.

Aryaka SmartInsights are enabled by the MyAryaka Cloud and is designed to provide meaningful and actionable insights on the State of your WAN, ensuring that the network is configured properly and remains operational at scale. Visibility extends across both applications as well as the SD-WAN infrastructure, permitting enterprises to quickly identify any issues as well as verify SLAs. Trending enables forward planning, while powerful reporting enables offline analysis.

You are not sure if this Service fits for your demand? Here are our top 6 Use Cases:


#1 Use Case: Digital Transformation

CIOs focus is on application modernization and cloud-based business models as part of their digitization strategy. However, if the network is not modernized, agile and application friendly, it can hold the other initiatives hostage. Aryaka bridges this digitization gap by delivering business agility.

#2 Use Case: Application Performance

Most providers deliver piecemeal solutions with disconnects between the overlay and underlay and with zero WAN optimization, or by throwing another box into the mix. Whether it be UCaaS, Salesforce or an in-house application, Aryaka is the gold standard for application performance.

#3 Use Case: Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Aryaka permits enterprises to seamlessly take advantage of a multi-cloud networked environment, with no need to tack on additional complexity. With native managed connections to most public cloud providers, SaaS providers and partner clouds, adding another cloud is as easy as adding another site!

#4 Use Case: Connectivity to China – Asia

Despite advancements in technologies and high speeds, global connectivity still appears to be a hurdle for many enterprises due to local regulatory, security and compliance requirements. Aryaka makes it easy to connect to countries like China, Japan, India or to other countries across the world.

#5 Use Case: MPLS Migration

MPLS is still a foundational technology in most global enterprise WANs. However, MPLS is costly, slow to deploy, and its traditional hub-and-spoke architecture does not support the need to optimally support cloud deployments. Aryaka offers a path forward via our dedicated Layer 2 backbone and HybridWAN capabilities.

#6 Use Case: UCaaS Around the Globe

As enterprises roll out UCaaS, availability, user experience and security are top priorities. But the lack of deterministic behavior in the underlying network fails to take optimal cloud application support into account. Aryaka delivers on the promise of a peak UCaaS user experience across the globe.