Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft and GAB ExacltlyIT are working together to provide a Business Continuity solution offer to help minimize impacts to businesses and employee productivity. Microsofts´s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the ideal solution for organizations looking for the most secure productive method to keep employees engaged and connected.
WVD is a flexible, but complex set of services and GAB ExactlyIT solves the challenging technical adoption barriers to enable organizations to be productive immediately. WVD is the next generation of end-user computing (EUC) remote work solutions and allows to stay connected, engaged and productive. WVD is modern, relevant and cost-effective. It comes into all of the benefits of Microsoft Azure- including its rock-solid security. WVD allows you to connect to your remote Windows 10 Desktop from any device, at any time. WVD brings you the best of Windows 10 compatibility, an optimized Office 365 experience and the superior economics of Cloud Computing.


Windows 10 – Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a VDI solution based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Combined with a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel the customer applications can still access backend systems in customers local data center.

All employees accessing the customers applications and desktops from any place in the world. While local Office 365 desktop apps still accessing the Microsoft cloud either via local installations or installations within the WVD client. This ensures safe and reliable access to customers business environment.


“Instant-Remote-Workplace” – on demand

  • Microsoft 365 E5
    • Windows 10 – Windows Virtual Desktop
    • Advanced Productivity
    • Advanced Security
  • Azure Infrastructure as a Service
  • Azure Networking (Site-to-Site VPN)



  • Secure and immediate data access
  • Working from everywhere
  • Business continuity
  • State of the art workplace
  • Cost on demand

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