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Improve your relations with team members, customers, partners and suppliers in an instant! It’s easy with CoffeeNet 365, the out-of-the-box solution. Whenever and wherever, CoffeeNet enables you to perfectly collaborate with everybody across the board faster, more convenient and with minimum IT support – enjoy a new and mobile collaboration experience.

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Stay on top of things

Your perfect communication hub: Internal messages, blogs, videos and to-do lists are right there for you and everybody in the loop on a central, easy-to-use platform. CoffeeNet 365 delivers all the information you need for successfully completing your tasks right to the device of your choice. Keep everybody on the same page by managing and sharing documents and updates with your team or customers on the go – CoffeeNet 365 gives you all the options.

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There is no faster and easier way! CoffeeNet 365 is all of this – and more:


ALL in One
CoffeeNet 365 provides it all – it encompasses intranet, social communication, collaboration and document management. The all-in-one tool takes full advantage of the proven and safe Microsoft technologies’ capabilities.

CoffeeNet 365 enables seamless collaboration inside and outside of your company. Always, on any device, and regardless of your location. And you can do it all on your own, conveniently and with minimum IT support.

Ready to use
CoffeeNet 365 is ready to use within minutes, installed on your Office 365 tenant. Cleary structured pages according to best practice principles are included, based on the more than 10 years of collaboration experience of MondayCoffee, the manufacturer.

CoffeeNet 365 – The first thing you open in the morning and the last you close in the evening.

Within the world of Microsoft, you now have collaboration, document management and communication right at hand, all combined in one single tool.

MondayCoffee - Intranet CoffeeNet 365-


CoffeeNet - Virtuelle Arbeitsräume CoffeeNet 365-

Virtual Collaboration Rooms

CoffeeNet - Enterprise Social Networking CoffeeNet 365-

Enterprise Social Networking

CoffeeNet - Moderne Dokumentenverwaltung CoffeeNet 365-

Modern Document Management

CoffeeNet - Collaboration-Strategie nach Maß CoffeeNet 365-

Tailored Collaboration Strategy

CoffeeNet - Individueller Arbeitsraum CoffeeNet 365-

Individual Workspace

CoffeeNet - Intelligente Suchmaschine CoffeeNet 365-

Intelligent Search Engine



CoffeeNet 365 takes full advantage of all the possibilities and features offered by Microsoft Office 365. Therefore, it provides you with everything you need for consolidating the IT infrastructure – from one single source.

  • CoffeeNet 365 is a web application, integrated into the world of Microsoft Office 365.
  • CoffeeNet 365 fully utilizes the robust, global Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure with its unique availability, reliability, high performance and data safety.
  • MondayCoffee, the manufacturer, will execute software updates on a regular basis, and in accordance with the Microsoft updates.
  • CoffeeNet 365 comes with minimum system requirements: SharePoint Online.
  • GAB will provide you with fast, reliable, anytime quality support..


All in one: More simplicity, more convenience, more productivity – plus professional support by GAB.

Closer collaboration, better communication, easier document management and sharing on the go. If that’s exactly what you want talk to us about CoffeeNet 365 today!

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