SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure for your business transformation

SAP on Azure


SAP on Azure – flexible and scalable high performance
for your SAP system

You can now run your SAP applications in the Microsoft cloud environment, which has the largest global footprint, the most comprehensive compliance portfolio, industry-leading support, and enterprise-class SLAs – Microsoft Azure!

The already more than two decades lasting partnership of Microsoft & SAP is now, due to the possibility business-critical Expanded SAP workloads and scenarios on Azure.e.

It infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex and cost-intensive.  With a suitable operating model and a carefully selected cloud strategy, you can bring your SAP system to a new level with Azure.

As a Microsoft CSP Direct Partner, we work with you to create the right roadmap for the SAP transformation that fits your business needs and budget. As a system integrator, we support you in consulting, planning and implementation of SAP on Azure.

Benefits of SAP on Azure




A well-planned move to the Azure platform can dramatically reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure (up to 65%!)! Because you have the choice between the flexible pay-as-you-go approach and the long-term predictable reserved instances. No matter which model you choose, high upfront investment costs in hardware are eliminated and the total cost of ownership will also fall. With SAP on Azure, the divisions of both companies work together as an alliance hand in hand for you.


No other cloud service provider offers you more compliance offerings than Microsoft Azure. The Extensive investment in security, availability and geo-redundancy is now also used by 85% of Fortune 500 companies.

No service provider of this kind offers stronger cloud presence - with 50 regions worldwide, more than any other cloud provider. As a result, the default risk is reduced to a minimum. Numerous functionalities that guarantee availability and disaster recovery are integrated.
With SAP on Azure, departments and teams from both companies work hand in hand as an alliance.


Azure enables you, as an SAP customer, to deploy your SAP systems at short notice, paying only for active infrastructure usage. Your SAP applications can be used on all supported SAP databases (eg SAP HANA, SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, and many more) as well as your preferred operating system (eg Windows, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux ).

Demand-driven and SAP-certified virtual machines for your applications (NetWeaver, SAP S/4 Hana, SAP Business Suite) are ready for use within minutes. Up to 4TB of virtual machine M-Series memory is available. The SAP HANA (large authority) infrastructure has been specifically designed with powerful storage, computing and networking capabilities.