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Transformations of IT infrastructure at a system change or a system update

Every change within a company has to be reflected in its IT landscape. Major changes, e.g. spin-offs, mergers or corporate reorganisation, will also require changes to the corporate IT. The enterprise infrastructure must be reconfigured, unified, and adjusted to the new situation so that all users are able to seamlessly work with all the applications and software they need.

Therefore, updates to the operating system or various email systems must take place in a unified manner. With multiple devices and hundreds of applications and their various versions, your IT department may need assistance in handling this scenario. We are here to help!

Transitions affect multiple layers of the IT infrastructure, and all are interlinked. Consequently, the changes that are applied must be free of fault and conflicts. On top of this, most changes will have to be implemented with operations running – another challenge we can help you master.

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Strategic IT Alignment in companies

In modern companies, strategic direction plays an increasingly important role. This also applies to the enterprise IT, which today is viewed as a key success factor in achieving the business objectives of a company. No wonder that the outsourcing of related IT projects is happening more frequently than ever – if only to assist the internal IT department in meeting the challenges of a dynamic, ever-changing environment.

With state-of-the-art concepts such as Modern Workplace or Cloud Productivity, we offer a wide range of services to effectively support your business in becoming even more efficient, competitive and successful.

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Technology Awareness

We offer a variety of workshops that cover specific subjects, e.g. features and functionalities of the most current Microsoft Office software or how to effectively use the Office Suite.

Our specialized Awareness workshops offer advise regarding IT infrastructures, Exchange, IT safety and security, and more.

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Best Practice Transformation

We are experts in the field of IT transformation. Our specialized development team supports our engineers by providing effective automation tools for this purpose.

These tools, combined with our comprehensive experience, enable us to migrate companies to the most current Microsoft platforms – quickly, efficiently and without any outages.

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Project Planning & Effort Estimations

All the know-how we have gained from more than 20 years of national and international project experience is applied when we plan and implement a wide variety of technologies for you.

Multiple times we have been selected as an Inner Circle Partner by Microsoft – an exclusive honour that underscores our innovative advantage in implementing new technologies. We implement all new technologies and all of our solutions within our company first, and all of them undergo intensive testing before we even would think of implementing these in the IT environments of our customers. With us, you are on the safe side – we only implement well-tested solutions.

Based on our experience and expertise, we quickly and efficiently provide you with a clear project plan and an effort estimation that is both precise and complete.
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