GAB RTLS Wi-Fi Tracking

Wi-Fi based determination of position (RTLS) inside of buildings

With GAB RTLS Wi-Fi Tracking your position inside a building can be exactly determined by your smartphone. In contrast to locating via regular GPS the GAB RTLS Tracking Client determines your location based on the Wi-Fi field strength within buildings. The GAB RTLS Client simulates the Ekahau T301BD Tag.

The data will be processed by Ekahau Software so that position data and reports can be managed centrally. You can get the GAB RTLS Client as a download for android smartphones in the Google Play Store. Based on the GAB RTLS Wi-Fi Tracking, GAB developed individual tracking solutions for companies. The following video shows a possible scenario for a possible use of this technology.

GAB RTLS Wi-Fi Tracking

The App is available in the Google Play Store for Download

Starting at 14,99 €* per User
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Ekahau RTLS is a Wi-Fi based Indoor Tracking solution for determination of the position inside buildings. The position will be determined following the principle of triangulation of the Wi-Fi field intensity.

GAB RTLS Wi-Fi Tracking is a Smartphone App which simulates the Ekahau Hardware Tag T301BD. In addition to that the Smartphone App comes with remote configuration and messaging.

Compare the Standard and Pro Version and find out more about the system requirements of the Smartphone App.

  • GAB RTLS Wi-Fi Tracking Pro
  • 20,94 € per User
  • Simulates Ekahau T301BD
  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • Event Buttons
  • Simple configuration
  • Remote configuration
  • Messaging
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