GAB RTLS Indoor Navigation unerringly within buildings

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Less searching, more satisfaction – GAB RTLS Wi-Fi Tracking lead customers on the right path within shopping malls, airports and hospitals.

Plattling, 31st January 2013 – Modern buildings and facilities, like shopping malls or airports, sometimes happen to become as large as a small town – finding your way on thousands of square meters will be challenging. Using GAB RTLS (Real Time Location Service), Wi-Fi and a smartphone you can now define your position, find you way and keep an eye on the time within a building.

A usual location via GPS is not possible within a building, therefore the GAB RTLS tracking client determines the position within buildings with the help of Wi-Fi field strength. GAB uses the patent-registered Ekahau software for further data processing. „Ekahau developed the positioning and solution of our corporation is an app for Android phones to visualize and chase tracks and travel times hundred percent “, according to  Torsten Jerschabek, Head of Marketing and Communication. „Walls are no barriers with this navigation and tracking software anymore.“

„The configuration is supposably easy and possible for every building (with WLAN)“, Jerschabek says. Object and Marketing Managers, who want to offer this service to their clients, simply need to safe the plan view to the software.

With GAB RTLS (Real Time Location Service) Wi-Fi Tracking you can not only navigate but locate objects and persons being tagged. Messages can be sent and alarm signals can be released. GAB offers GAB TRAMS as add-on to analyze GAB RTLS Indoor Tracking Navigation.

Essential features of GAB RTLS Indoor Navigation:

  • Offers a 3D overview to orientate within buildings
  • It keeps track of the various floors from the bird’s eye view; signs show the exact way
  • Street view shows objects in the direct environment, e.g. escalators, signs also show the direction here
  • Additional text information support the orientation in the room

BU: The Indoor Navigation System – the App GAB RTLS Indoor Navigation

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