GAB Enterprise IT Solutions holds Microsoft Gold Partner certifications in five competencies and Silver certifications in one further competency.

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The international demanded IT specialist GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH acquired the Microsoft Gold Partner status in the following competencies: Gold Application Development, Gold Communications, Gold Devices and Deployment, Gold Messaging and Gold Server Platform. GAB achieved the Silver Partner status in the competency Mobility and the certification for a further competency is in progress. Andreas Hoetzinger, Director Enterprise Core Infrastructure said: “A fivefold Gold certification for a partner in our size (up to 50 employees) is an absolute exception – if not unique!!! But this also reflects our absolute focus on technical brilliancy and our unique product experience within the Microsoft area.

GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH is a competent service and solution provider for IT infrastructures and a specialist for planning, implementation and migration of Active Directory, mail and groupware systems as well as solutions for automated software distribution for clients and server.

GAB develops software solutions in the field of security solutions, storage solutions, virtualization, Active Directory, Windows Desktop applications, GPS navigation, RTLS Real Time Location Service and indoor navigation. GAB offers IT consultancy on all continents and sponsors companies during data migrations. As Cloud Accelerate partner, GAB supports companies during the restructuring to Office365 and the cloud migration.

GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH expanded within the past years and established partner sites in Dubai and United Arab Emirates in 2010 as well as in Raleigh, USA in 2012. GAB has an excellent reputation within the IT industry in consequence of highly skilled experts and qualification as fivefold certified Microsoft Gold Partner.

GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH was founded 1997 and is an owner-managed and competent service and solution provider for IT infrastructures.
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