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Zustand der SD-WAN

State of the SD-WAN connectivity Internet vs. global private networks: Cloud and SaaS application – performance comparisons   Enterprises are increasingly exploring and investing in SD-WAN solutions for cloud connectivity and adding more capacity to their networks in a cost-effective manner. SD-WAN mainly relies on two types of connectivity, the public Internet and private networks. […]


Sind Sie auf die DSGVO vorbereitet? Finden Sie heraus, inwieweit Ihr Unternehmen schon auf die Einhaltung der DSGVO vorbereitet ist.     Workshop Preis 2.500 Euro     Weitere Informationen:   So unterstützt Microsoft die DSGVO   Weiteres Infomaterial als PDF zum Download: Erste Schritte auf Ihrem Weg zur DSGVO-Compliance        

Transforming Upgrading and Renewing the IT Ecosystem

  GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH From the initiation of its very first mini-computer in 1975 – the stone age of computing – Microsoft has crusaded a long way to stand tall as an immutable force in the realm of technology. It is through their continual efforts in innovation that has led them to fill-up […]